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Healing the Earth: Reclamation of the Goddess - UPSTATE NEW YORK

Usher in the awakening of your divine feminine at our beautiful Hudson Valley Spring Retreat. Restore your connection to our Earth, bringing healing to yourself and our planet together. Immerse yourself in connection to the natural world, a high vibrational sisterhood, and an opportunity to relax into a slower rhythm of being.  We heal the earth with the awareness of our hearts and bodies connection to the divine feminine- reclaiming the medicine we all have available to give and receive.

All three days will be softly filled with several different types of yoga, reiki sessions, meditations, and ritual. We will also be offering special coaching workshops geared towards reclamation of the divine feminine, nutrition and mindful eating practices/cooking workshop, rituals, bonfires, a kirtan, and delicious organic vegetarian meals. The beautiful grounds at Hogle Hill House are surrounded by a pond and hiking trails, as well as an outdoor deck, and tons of space for quiet alone time. This weekend will be full of rest time, as well as time for connection and rejuvination.

Cost with Overnight Stays: $800, including all meals and materials. Link for payment below.

Cost for Local Attendees (no overnight stays): $500, including all meals and materials.  Link for payment below.


Stella Metzner, Reiki Master, Eating Psychology Coach. Stella Metzner has worked as a fashion stylist for almost 20 years. She also, co-owned an Arts and Crafts boutique called SPACECRAFT from 2008-2011 in Williamsburg Brooklyn. In 2008 Stella developed some health issues which inspired her to learn several healing modalities.  She became certified in Reiki level 1 and 2, and recently trained in two separate Master programs. Stella has practiced Reiki now for 6 years, and is also teaching Reiki in Brooklyn and in upstate New York. Stella is also a certified Eating Pyschology Coach after graduating from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating in 2014.  Through all of this Stella has also been learning to work with herbs, and tinctures, and the ancient healing technique for women called V-Steam, or Yoni Steam. She has combined all of these healing modalities along with styling, crafting and artwork, to help her clients get to their highest goals and their best self. Not only does Stella work with individual human clients, she also has several animal clients and can work with clearing unwanted energy in homes and offices. And she officiates weddings!! See website for details.

Alaina Schwartz, Transformational Coach/Mentor. Alaina Schwartz was a lawyer in the music industry for almost 18 years.  Her career culminated as the Executive Vice President of the the largest independent music company in the world earning mid-6-figures. She was working 60-70 hours a week in a culture that didn't support women and having a family.  She knew there was more for her and had a burning desire inside. So she walked away from radical success as a lawyer to follow her heart.  After trying several careers mostly focusing on the healing arts, spending tens of thousands of dollars, and a major health crisis, she discovered her purpose in life: helping high performing leaders and change agents live their life on purpose and fully step into it to create a life with meaning, happiness and fulfillment...and monitize it.  She also helps women reclaim the divine feminine and intimacy in relationships. She has created a 6-figure transformational coaching/mentoring business in upstate NY where she gets to play with her son and her favorite cat of all time.

Rachel Haley, 500HR RYT. Drawing on a background in women's health and somatic healing, Rachel combines the wisdom of the traditional yoga systems including Kundalini, Tantra, Bhakti,  Ashtanga, and Iyengar schools with medicine from dance, shamanistic ritual, mysticism, mythology, and visualization.  The energetic focus of the practice is grounded in extensive knowledge and attention to body mechanics and alignment in asana. Her teaching style is versatile and can easily apply knowledge to the individuals and groups specific needs.